Rental Conditions



Company . whose signature, stamp and address appears  on the front page of this rental contract(Contract) rents

under the terms conditions stated herein and the (Client). whose name address and signature appears on the  front page of this

contract , accepts and agress to observer the following:


1) The Company rents the car; (a) under the terms and conditions (b) for the time stated herein.

A- The client, acknowledges by his signature that; (a) he received the vehicle in proper operating condition. five tyres in good

condition with complete set of tolls accessories and offical and unoffical car papers / documenttation (b) to return the vehicle

under the same conditions on the agreed date time and place Shall the client (a) is not able (b) do not return the vehicle to

agreed place, all sum paid by the Company such as driver fee, gas and other reasonable expenses, will be charged to client.

The amount of those expenses will be calculated according to the place where the vehicle is returned to Company.

B- The vehicle has been inspected by the client at the time of delivery. The client who doesn’t indicate any aspect which is not

conform;(a) to the contract (b) to the car description is responsible for all damages occured.

2) The client declares that he will not drive/keep/use the vehicle as described herein.

A- To transport goods, which transport is prohibited by the laws of Turkish Republic.

B- To have goods. which, (a) are subject to special permission of the authorities. (b) presence is prohibited by the laws Turkish


C- To use the vehicle for illegal purposes

D- The vehicle cannot be loaded beyond the legal and technical limits. The client should; (a) take in to consideration, while

loading the vehicle, road and the weather conditions for the transportation to passengers and goods (b) not load the vehicle by

a manner whic can damage the integrity of the vehicle.

E- The client should not effectuate any changes on the vehicle unless the written consent of the Company

F- The vehicle cannot be used to push or tow by or tow any vehicle or any other rolling or not - rolling object

G- The client should not use the vehicle in motor sports as, but not limited to, rally speed testing reliability trials, drive on the

roads not open to and/or suitable for normal traffic.

H- The vehicle cannot be driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I- The vehicle cannot be used for  carrying passengers or goods matter the method of payment, or the written or oral

contact is.

J- The vehicle can be used only by the names that appear on this contract. The vehicle cannot be operated by other drivers

other than those permitted in this contract.

3) The driver must be at the age of 21( twenty-one) or older and the driver must possess a national or an international driver’s

license that is at least issued two(2) years ago at the time of this contract. The vehicle cannot be driven by any third parties without

the company’s permission. The permission must be given in a written format that includes the third party’s identification such as

driver’s license, address and national identification papers with the signature of the driver and company. The

third party must be also at the age of 21(twenty-one) or older and the driver must possess a national or aninternational driver’s

license. That is at least issued two(2) years ago at the time of this contract. In the event of not abiding these rules, the insurance

is void and all the deposits must be paid in full by the driver.

4) The client undertakes to keep the vehicle safe, closed and locked when not in use, in the event of theft of the vehicle, the client

should (a) inform the Company within 1 hour after having knowledge of the event, (b) obtain a police report, accomplish the works

that the Company requires, pay until the end of the 45 days, calculaled from the date of the theft, the rental on the due-lariff basis,

if the vehicle cannot be found in 45 days, the price of the brand new vehicle must be paid to the company.

5) The client undertakes to pay, in the event of loss of vehicle papers and / or plate (s), the rental charges of these items until

they are brougt back or if necessary the re-issuing costs.

6) In the event of confiscation of vehicle by the authorities, with or withoul fault / omission of the client the letter

undertakes to pay the rental and the necessary expenses until the recovery.

7) Company during the rental period will be responsible for the periodical maintenance (greasing, lubrication etc.) and ordinary

wear of the tyres, spare parts changes, org reparations, Company can call the vehicle back for periodical maintenarical, client

must return the vehicle for the said purpose. Company in his unique discretion. may decide to provide an other vehicle for the

period that the client is deprived of the vehicle. All costs expenses loss of profit made / supported by the Company in order

to make the necessary  repairs. In the event of any repairs that is above 15 turkish liras, the driver must get an approval from the


8) The fuel must be paid by the driver. The percentage of the fuel tank must be written at the beginning and ending time of this

contract, if the drivers the vehicle back to the company with a fuel percentage that is less than the bedinning of this

contract, then the driver must pay the shortage of the fuel price to the company. If the driver delivers the vehicle back to

the company with a fuel percentage that is more than the beginning of this contract, then the company will pay for the surplus

of fuel.

9) The company is not responsible for any loss or damage of any personal items of the driver before or during the rental period.

10) Daily rental is 24(twenty-four) hours, a week is 7(seven) days, one month is 30 (thirty) days and one year is 365 (three hundred

sixty five) days.

11) Company preserves the right to not to extend or  cancel the contract by not being subject to any indenmities or any reason.

A- In the case, the client has the obligation to return the vehicle to the nearest station. If the contract is terminated due to clients

fault and the vehicle is delivered to a far location, the client shall be responsible for all costs that is explained in article 1 a of this


B- Shall the contract has been terminated in the sole discretion of the Company without any faults / omission / mistake / of the

client, and any thing opposite is stupulated this contract the amount equivalent to period that the vehicle is not used has to be

reimbursed if the client made the payment in advance. The rights of pledge and compensation arising from (a) a damage caused

to the vehicle (b) any other right are excepted.

12) Company in his sole discretion can change the model and the category and the class of the reserved vehicle

13) Any addition / change to terms is not valid unless agreed signed and inscribed in written by both sides.

14) The company and client agree to preserve their mutual benefits in tracing their rights against third parties. The client must

transfer their rights to the company in the event that the company requires doing so. Both parties shall be responsible for their

own  costs.

15) The vehicle cannot be taken to any countries without a written permission of the company.

16) Any disputes arising between parties will be solved by İstanbul courts the governing law is the law of Turkish Republic.

17) The client cannot sell mortgage pledge transfer the contract or the vehicle and its accessories. Shall the client infringe

this rule the Company can take the vehicle back and terminate the contract without any prior notice

18) This contract is not creating any partnership between parties nor the client becomes advisor agent worker ets of the

Company. The client is acting on his behalf there fore any damages acured by the acts of the client bounds the latter. The client

undertakes here in to keep the Company harmless from any demant relating his acts in any nature arising from any person.

the clientagrees that the Company uses all the instruments (deposit, credil, cards slips etc.) belonging to the client in his

possession to cover all kind of risks and claims arising from the contract or from the third parties or other.

19) The client must inform the company for any address changes immediately. Otherwise, the given address will be used for any

legal correspondences.

20) Since the company is not manufacturer ot he vehicle, the company shall not be hold liable for any loss or defect resulting

directly from a mechanical defect of the vehicles or the accessories from an accident or drom any other reason.

21) Original copy of this contract shall be taken into consideration if there is any differences between the originals and other copies.

Article 2- PAYMENT

1) The client undertakes to pay the Company on demand a deposit 20% more than the estimated costs. In advance payment

cases this amount has to be paid in cash, in case if client declares that the payment will be effectuared by credit card an empty

and single slip is deposited to the Company. The slip can also be used in the payment of all past, existing and future debts /

claims .

2) The final bill is issued and determined at the end of contract. The payments shall be made in terms of turkish liras. In the

event of using other types of currencies, the current exchange rate shall be obtained from T.C.M.B

3) The reservations can be cancelled24 (twenty four) hours priorto the beginning date of rental. The can cellations  beyond this

limit are subject to payment of the day.

Article 3- INSURANCE

1) The Company insured all vehicles with legally obligatory traffic insurance.

2) The client can be discharged from all responsibilities provided that he pays tha CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) but;(a) the payment

must be effectuated the latest when the client takes the car from the Company’s station, (b) the content to the following paragraph 3 is

excepted. The premium can be varied depending on the age an experience of driver (s) The Company can alter the premium without

any notice to the client in his sole discretion.

3) The client acknowledges that he should accomplish the following to be covered by the CDW. Omissions of the following will

invalidate the insurance:

A- To report the Company within 48 hours and concurrently the police station, other officials and obtain a technical traffic report

including the circumstances, date, place, of the incident, names and addresses of the witnesses etc.

B- Unless approved by doctor’s medical report the client should immediately advise the Company after having received the

information about the incident. The client must not interfere to the vehicle. The Company reserves the right to claim his unpaid

damage to client at any time in the proportion of the clients fault any theft occured after the accident is not covered by theinsurance.

C) The Company is responsible for the damages given by the client to the third parties up to the limits of third party liability

insurance. Beyond the said limits the client undertakes the responsibility. The Company has the right to demand to that the client was

supported on behalf of the latter.

D) The vehicle is insured only for the rental period.

E) In the events that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or the driver was 100% at fault, or the driver does not hold

a valid driver’s license; the company is not responsible for any loss or damages of the accidents

F) The client is repsonsible for any repairs and mainterance during the rental period. In the event that the client does not perform any

responsibilities that is obliged by this contract, the client must pay for all costs and damages.

G) Damages of the tires, broken glassess and spare tires are not covered by the insurance.

H) The damages that is caused by the vale services must be reported with the signature of the police. If this actions is not taken, then

the client must pay all the damages.

I) The client must pay for all the damages if the client does not obtain any report from a police officer.

J) The insurance is not valid if.

1- The driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol

2- The speed limit is exceeded

3- Driver has no driving license

4- The client is 100% faulty.

5- The document stipulated in the present article cannot be submitted.

6- Driver is not registered in the contract. And the client is responsible for the totality of the damage

7- The client does not abide to this contract.



1) Other than the indemnifications stated above the Company can demand the client two times of the initial prejudice that he

supported as indemnity if the client has committed (a) for intentionally damaging the property of the Company. (b) with

serious fault; or the commited act has damaged the name or image of the Company.

2) If the client cannot get the vehicle that is booked due to a failure of the company, the client shall be entitled to have a vehicle

two times more of the rental period.

3) The interest rate applicable to payment delays is the highest commercial credit intrerest rate applied by Turkish bank at the

time of the normal payment date.


In case of dispute beeween the English and Turkish texts the Turkish text prevails.      

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