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Car Rentals from our company by means of signing the enclosed Car Rental Agreement sample are promissory transactions with regards to the LESSOR and the LESSEE. The contract is not subject to legislative provisions on the protection of the consumer. The contract contains sections that may be contrary to your interests and that may impose obligations on you, it is required that you are knowledgeable with the contract and understand the provisions that may be contrary to your interests and that impose obligations on you by means of taking into consideration the provisions about the Standardized Terms of the Turkish Code of Obligations. You can get legal support about the contract. Some provisions that may be disadvantageous to you which are in the contract are summarized below. Please examine the contract carefully before contenting with this preliminary information form herein.


- Make sure that such information about the car as leasing term, lease cost, return date are in the contract and that this information is in concordance with your wishes.


- The contract contains detailed explanations about assurances that you can buy with extra payments during the rental process. Make sure what the assurances you buy contain and that these are in concordance with your wishes.


- It is stated in the contract that you agree money can be withdrawn from your credit card that you would submit during the leasing due to deposits, rental costs or your other obligations by way of mail order.


-The contract contains provisions stating that you are required to use the car which you rent in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law and other regulations, that throughout the leasing term the capacity of keeper belongs to you, that you are personally responsible for the casualties which might occur along with the casualties which might be inflicted on third parties or their goods, and these provisions  might result against your interests.


- Not returning the car by the end of the leasing term will constitute the crime of breach of trust.


- In the contract it is issued that in case the LESSOR has to make a payment to third parties for any reason, they might have recourse to you.


- If a vehicle/vehicles of the LESSOR is banned from the traffic or confiscated, or if interim injunctions and liens are imposed in the records due to any reason caused by you, the responsibility of immediate return or ensuring the removal of annotations belongs to you. Therefore, the rights of the lessor are issued in the contract and they might contain provisions against you.


-The procedures to be carried out during the pickup and the return of the vehicle, the rules you must follow while the vehicle is entrusted to you and after the pick up are issued in the contract and might contain provisions against you.


- As long as the vehicle is entrusted to you, bridge, tunnel, highway tolls, traffic tickets etc. all the tolls and tickets are your liabilities and in case the LESSOR has to make any kind of payment, the terms of recourse to you and penal clause are issued in the contract and may be against your interests.


- The information about the vehicle's fuel levels during the pickup and return times are in the protocols and in case the vehicle is short of fuel at the time of return, the lessor's rights concerning this are in the contract.


- The provision about the fact that your responsibility as the LESSEE continues even if the billing of the lease is done in the name of another person/private entity with your statement and that you will not be able to raise an objection about the bill not being in your name is in the contract and may be against your interests.


- The rules and obligations concerning actions to be taken in case of the breakdown of the rented vehicle, client error, being involved in an accident, getting the vehicle stolen, breach of trust are explained in the contract with details. - These provisions of the contract may be against your interests. We recommend that you carefully examine it.


- It is stated in the contract that 5% interest per month will be added to the overall charge in case of delay in any kind of payment such as rental cost, expenses, additional expenses, penal clause etc.


- Concerning up to 3 hours of delays for the return of the vehicle, a third of the daily rental rate and concerning delays with more than 3 hours, the daily rental rate will be charged.


- The daily utilization limit for economy class vehicles is 400 km and 300 km for other vehicles. It is stated in the contract that from 0,55 to 1 TL of extra VAT will be paid according to the class of vehicle in case of limit excess.


- For any traffic ticket the LESSOR has to pay, the LESSEE will be charged with a 20 TL of the handling fee.



- Before the vehicle is delivered to the lessee, the financial analyses of the lessee (credit rating etc) will be examined by the lessor. In case the lessee disallows the lessor to make this examination and/or as a result of the lessors' financial analysis, the lessee cannot meet the vehicle rental requirements, even if reservations were made by the lessee, the lessor will not carry out the vehicle delivery and leasing procedures. The lessee accepts, declares and undertakes in advance that he/she cannot claim any rights due to this situation and that they cannot force the lessor to deliver the vehicle.


The sample of the contract was examined by the parties on the date of the lease, was evaluated by interviewing and in accordance with the reached mutual agreement, this Pre-contractual Information Form has been issued hereby in duplicate.


It will be accepted in advance that our online reservation customers have examined and accepted all the terms of the contracts, particularly the preliminary information form herein.

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